Dear brothers and sisters,


Next Islamic mahfil will be held at 37 Chesters way, Winthrop,WA 6150 on Saturday 16 th March, 2019 at 9.00pm. Professor Ruhulamin & Mrs. Amin have been very much pleased to host the mahfil on that day. You all are cordially invited to attend the mahfil at scheduled time please. The events that will take place on the day are summarised as under: Host would give a reminder ahead of the mahfil please.

Host telephone numbers                           :   93102441 , 0423962808

Arrival                                                            @ 8.30 pm

Isha payer                                                      @ 9.00 pm

Children’s recitation/ presentation          @ 9.15 pm

Adult’s  discussion                                        @9.45 pm

Making ‘dua’’                                                 @10.15 pm

Dinner                                                             @10.20 pm

Close                                                                @10.45 pm

We look forward to see all of you there.

Kind regards,

Nazmul Ahsan


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