Dear all,




I just wanted to inform you that Moushumi, Bulbul and their two daughters – Fayeza and Manha-  have left Perth for Bangladesh at 3.00 pm yesterday. They are expected to arrive in Dhaka this evening and hopefully, will be able to  attend the funeral of the late Fazlur Rahman Khan who, through his frequent visits to Perth over the years, became one of our beloved and well-respected community members.


On behalf of Moushumi, Bulbul and their families, I take this opportunity to sincerely to thank you very much for your kind and generous support that you have extended to them during this difficult time.


Ours is a knit community and we share our joys and sorrows together. I am sure, this spirit will continue in the years ahead.


With all the good wishes,


Md Abu Bakar Siddique     

41 Noongar Way


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