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Dear All,
 Assalam alaikum. I am going to Bangladesh on 15th of January to visit my family, and the masjid that we are building in our village in Jhalkathi district. Like before I have started again collecting some funds for the masjid. This time my target is to collect at least $2000. The funds will be required to complete the bathroom and toilet area. 
Alhamdulillah the Iqra/Qaida class is going on in the maktab and 9 students will be given Quran to start their lessons soon. 
Alhamdulillah, we appreciate very much for your previous donations. The masjid still requires some funds for full completion. We make dua for your supports and dua. Kindly donate to the best of your abilities. Either cash or bank transfer will be fine. May Allah accept all our efforts for the sake of Allah.

Please contact me @ 0433 326 567 for further information. 

Account name- Muhammad Rashed Rahman
Ref- Al-Madina Masjid
Jazakallahu khair.

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