Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Next Islamic Mahfil is going to be held at 57 Hawksbury Dr. Willeton 6155 on Saturday 19 January 2019 at 8.15 pm. Dr. Khalilur Rahman & Mrs. Arifa Rahman have been pleased to host the mahfil on that day. All of you are cordially invited to attend the mahfil please. Host would issue a reminder close to the scheduled date. Program for the evening are summerised as under:

                                                    Arrival                     @ 8.15 pm          

                                              Isha prayer                   @ 8.30 pm

                                              Children’s recitation   @ 9.00 pm

                                              Adults discussion         @9.30 pm

                                               Making ‘dua’                @10.00 pm

                                               Dinner                           @10.10 pm

                                               Close                              @10.30 pm

We look forward to see all of you there.

Host home telephone number : 92596004

Kind regards,

Nazmul Ahsan


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