Dear Community members:
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Greetings from Bd Living
We would like to introduce our newly formed building service company *BD Living Pty Ltd* to our Bangladeshi community in WA. We have more than a decade combine Bangladesh, Middle East and WA local experience in Building industry started from Scratch to Completion stage. We have involved in Site supervision, Estimation,Tendering, Scheduling & overall project management of single storied house , multi-stored Apartment, Commercial building, Refurbishment/Renovation of existing house in WA from 2015 to date. During this period we got the opportunity to involved all necessary stages required to complete of following projects successfully.
We are closely involve of following ongoing and completed projects with our Partner Builders.
1. 17 Peasholm Street, City Beach (Refurbishment to existing house, ongoing)
2. 162 Marine Terrace, South Fremantle (Horizontal extension to existing house, ongoing)
3. 49 Palisades Boulevard, Secret Harbour (Stage one: 1 nos three storied apartment, 4nos three storied town houses and 14 nos two storied town houses ongoing)
4. Perth Mint, 310 Hay Street East Perth (Heritage refurbishment, ongoing)
5. 47A Carrington St , Plmyra (Vertical extension to existing single storied house)
6. 58 Meager Drive, Floreat ( Three storied building with basement)
7. 42 Morago Crescent Cloverdale ( Three strides apartment Building)
8. 12 Newcastle St Perth (Commercial, Refurbishment, Change of Use)
9. 59 Perry St Perth (Commercial, Refurbishment, Change of Use)
10. 6 Morago Crescent Cloverdale ( Three strides apartment Building)
11. 43 Morago Crescent Cloverdale ( Three strides apartment Building)
12. 91 Princes Road Balga. ( 32 unit residential building)
13. 18 Wroxton St Midland
14. 29 Carles St Midland
15. 12 John St Midland
16. Many more minor projects
We are happy to provide you following building services:
· New development ( Residential, Commercial, Heritage)
· Unit development(Single Storied to Multi Storied residential, Commercial, Heritage)
· Extension of existing building (Vertical or Horizontal)
· Renovation, Refurbishment (Interna

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