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Dear Community Members,
Good Afternoon.  In addition to our current special prices we have decided to offer some more special prices on selective items like Rohu Fish, Radhuni Spices, Lentils, Basmati Rice and Pran Kalijerra Rice for this weekend ( Starting Every Thursday to Sunday) only. 

Fresh Jam Arrived Just Now.

The Weekend Special prices are:

  • Rohu Fish 2 to 3 kg Only $5.50 per kg
  • Radhuni Spices from $1.49 each ( Non meat and Garam Masala)
  • Pran Kalijerra Rice 5kg From $16.50
  • Devaaya Basmati Rice Export (5kg X 5) 20kg From $49.99 each
  • Loose Red Split Lentils ( Masoor Dhal ) $1.75 / kg
  • Loose Chana Dhal ( Voter Dhal) $2.50 /kg
  • Sabjiana Vegis  from $2.50 ea
Please Note that we will be receiving all Local Grown Fresh Vegis ( Karela, Green Mango, Fresh Hot Chillies, Lao, Sajna , Chicinga etc) thursday after 1:30 pm.

Kind Regards,
Ausbangla Team
Morley: 08 9375 9610
Cannington : 08 9356 3746

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