Dear all
Inna lillahe waa inna eilahe rajeun. It is very very sad news to me and my family that we lost our uncle (Father of Moushumi) who was a great hearted man in our mohalla in Dhaka. I know him last 30 yrs. He always look after us (specially Rahima) like his children. We will miss him always. May Allah grant him Jannat. Ameen.
Amir Hossain and Rahima

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Dear Moushumi bhabi and Bulbul Bhai,
Inna lillahe waa inna elaihe rajeun. We very sorry to hear the sudden death of your father. May Allah (SWT) grants Zannatul Ferdous for the departed soul and strengthens the mental and spiritual status of the bereaved family. Ameen!

Ruhul Salim and Family

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Dear all,
Assalamu alaikum,
It is with great sadness I wish to inform you that Mr Fazlur Rahman Khan, father of Dr Farhana Khan (alias Moushumi) has passed away at 10.30 pm last night. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajeun.
The late Khan Shaheb accompanied by Mrs Khan visited Perth on numerous occasions to spend time with their beloved daughter, granddaughters and son-in-law Mr Mafizul Islam Bulbul. Those of us who knew him were enriched by his honesty, kindness and generosity. We will all miss him greatly. Personally, I have lost a great friend and well-wisher.
During his life-time the late Khan Shaheb was involved in many charitable activities including construction of mosques, madrasas and orphanages. He also chaired and belonged to numerous committees of charitable organisations..
Let us all pray to Allah SWT for the salvation of his departed soul. May Allah SWT grant him a permanent place in the Zannatul Firdaus.
May Allah also grant the members of his family and friends to overcome the grief resulting from his death! Amen
Jazak Allahu khayran.
Md Abu Bakar Siddique
41 Noongar Way
Mobile: 0403956266

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