BAAWA Membership

BAAWA Members engage in various community activities and events to celebrate Bangladeshi cultures abroad. Members get access to the discounted tickets for the premium events. Various community outlets also offer special discounts to our members. There are other benefits you might consider before joining the BAAWA family.

  • Helps the community to unite and work together
  • Access to the discounted tickets for the BAAWA exclusive events
  • Discounts from the popular community outlets and services
  • Engage with the various community events and sports
  • Most of all, stand for the community and support each other when needed

BAAWA has following categories of membership:

Honorary Member

Honorary membership is a special honour to a person and is selected by the Committee. An Honorary Member does not have a deliberative vote. On the recommendation of the Committee, an Honorary Member may become a General Member of the Association, subject to the approval at a subsequent general meeting.

Associate Member

An Associate Member shall have all rights and privileges of a member with the exception of a deliberative vote. Associate memberships are open to anybody for a period of 12 months and are subject to approval by the Committee. On the recommendation of the Committee, an Associate Member may become a General Member of the Association, subject to approval at a subsequent general meeting.

Life Member

Any person willing to donate a lump-sum amount (to be determined by the Committee as appropriate) to the Association may be nominated for life membership, subject to the approval of the Committee. Life Members shall have the deliberative vote. Current Life Membership fee is A$500.

General Member

Members of the Association not belonging to the Honorary, Associate and Life membership categories are General Members. A General Member who has duly paid the Association subscription fee is deemed a Financial Member. The current fees for General members:


General Member (Single) A$15.00/annum
General Member (Family) A$30/annum
Concessional Member (Single) A$10/annum
Concessional Member (Family) A$15/annum

BAAWA Membership is open to all persons over the age of eighteen, a person wishing to be a member shall be required to make a formal application to the Committee by completing the registration (and profile creation) process in the Members Portal below , and pay the current membership fee.

Member's discounts

(conditions & exclusions apply)

Company Discount
Australian Cleaning Force 8%
Ausbangla Enterprise 7%
Blue River Financial Services Pty Ltd $200 Cash Gift
Chittagong IT Solutions $20
Half Price Battery $10 off and Free Delivery
Holly India Grocery 5%
Hot Price Property 10%
Tandoori Palace WA 10%