The Bangladesh Australia Association of Western Australia Inc. (BAAWA) was founded in 1982 by residents and resident students from Bangladesh in Western Australia to foster and promote friendship,understanding and good fellowship between the people of Bangladesh and Australia.

BAAWA dedicates its efforts to make Bangladesh community members always feel at home in Perth through instilling in them a sense of belonging, patriotism, safety, security, comfort, respect, dignity and pride.

BAAWA is run by a Committee of volunteers drawn from all walks of life. All events and activities are due to the generosity of the team who donate their time and talents for the benefit of the community.

BAAWA is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization. Its activities include getting together and celebrating various occasions related to the cultural and national interests of both Bangladesh and Australia.

The Association brings together Bangladeshis living and working in Western Australia.  Please  contact us if you are interested in becoming a member or connecting with our dynamic community.